How Antioxidants Supercharge Your Sunscreen Protection

Fun Fact: Antioxidants are in so many skincare products, from serums to moisturisers! They can also boost your sunscreen’s effectiveness by counteracting free radicals generated by UV exposure. These powerful ingredients help prevent oxidative stress and DNA damage, which can lead to premature ageing and skin cancer.

Shielding our skin against long-term damage is important to us here at Grail Skin. Our Daily SPF 50++++ Sunscreen also has antioxidant ingredients such as Camellia Japonica Flower Extract and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aloe Vera) that soothe and protect the skin.

The Role of Antioxidants in Sunscreen 

Reduce Inflammation

Antioxidants soothe the skin and reduce inflammation caused by sun exposure, promoting a calmer, healthier complexion.

Boost Hydration

Some antioxidants, like Vitamin E, also provide moisturising benefits, keeping the skin hydrated and supple.

Enhance UV Protection:

Antioxidants boost the effectiveness of sunscreen by providing an extra layer of defence against UV rays.

Protect Against Environmental Damage

Antioxidants defend against other environmental aggressors like pollution and blue light, which can also contribute to skin damage.

Try Grail’s Daily SPF 50++++ Sunscreen and experience the enhanced protection of antioxidants. Skincare tip: For optimal sun protection, reapply sunscreen every two hours, especially after swimming or sweating. Our formula not only shields your skin from harmful UV rays but also nourishes and repairs with antioxidant-rich ingredients. Embrace healthier, more resilient skin with Grail.