Bringing Global Beauty Secrets to Your Sheet Masking Routine

We love discovering skincare tips and finding new ways to incorporate them into our routines. In this blog, we explore how sheet masks are embraced in South Korea and France, revealing unique tips and practices that can enhance your own skincare regimen with Grail’s Deep Hydrating Treatment Mask.

South Korea: The Innovators of Sheet Masks

Known for their multi-step skincare routines, they often use a toner to balance the skin’s pH levels and then follow up with an essence or serum to provide a boost of hydration and nourishment. This helps the sheet mask work more effectively and enhances its benefits.

How to incorporate it

Consider using the sheet mask as a “mask sandwich.” Apply a thin layer of Grail’s Retinol Vitamin A Serum, allow it to absorb for a few minutes, then apply the sheet mask on top. This technique can help enhance the benefits of both products, with the serum providing targeted treatment and the sheet mask adding hydration and sealing in the serum’s benefits. Just be mindful of how your skin reacts, especially if you have sensitive or reactive skin.

France: Elegance and Self-Care

For French beauty routines, many believe in prepping the skin before applying a sheet mask. They often use a gentle cleanser  to remove any dead skin cells and ensure better absorption of the mask’s nutrients.

How to incorporate it

Start by cleansing with Grail’s gentle Amino Acid Foaming Cleanser, preparing your skin for better mask absorption. Follow Grail’s Deep Hydrating Treatment Sheet Mask, leaving it on for optimal nourishment. Seal in moisture with your favourite moisturiser post-mask.

Have you tried any of these skincare tips? Share your experiences and favourite sheet mask rituals with us!