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Message from the Founder, Lawrence Wong

One of the most common question I get is, what do you use? People want my skin but truth be told, it wasn’t always like this. Growing up, I was called “pimply face” or “road bumps” among many other names and after my acne situation improved, my skin became dull and ultra sensitive and got angry at the slightest thing.

Talk about anger management! I’ve tried countless products, saw a gazillion doctors, tried almost everything under the sun and I learned two valuable lessons: 1) subtracting is often better than adding and 2) less chemicals and more quality, natural ingredients.


Subtracting is often better than adding

— Grail

Instead of piling on layers and layers of product in your routine, strip down to the bare essentials! Most of the extra steps are unnecessary anyway, and the only good you will be doing is boosting the economy. Also, be very particular about what you slap on your face. In fact, be very very particular. Using products with inferior ingredients and chemicals will not only do nothing for your skin, but might even (gasp!) cause a bad reaction!

That’s why I started GRAIL skin. With all the lessons, knowledge and experiences I’ve gained throughout the years, I want to bring time-saving, innovative skincare of the highest quality ingredients from around the world, to busy individuals who want to skip through the trials and errors, while doing our part for the environment at the same time. (Phew, that’s a long one.)

 “ Less Chemicals & More Quality, Natural Ingredients. ”

— Grail

GRAIL products are the only products you will ever need to get good skin. The essentials. Your holy grails.


Founder, Actor & Singer

Lawrence Wong

Lawrence Wong is an actor/singer whose work spans across the region and is widely known even globally for his role in Chinese period drama “The Story Of Yanxi Palace” – world’s most googled TV show of 2018. He was also ranked 35th in the list of China’s most influential artistes.

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